Singular ideas for continuous learning

We believe in a world where all children can be whatever they want to be. Our mission is to invest in education to empower the next generation.

To this end, we create educational programs and provide the necessary resources. We believe in the intelligent use of time and therefore collaborate with high-performance personnel.

Areas of innovation

Design of singular learning experiences.

Methodologies for skills training.

Research and development of new learning models (Learning Labs).

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Enjoy a singular learning experience. Learn wherever and whenever you want

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What people say about us

Training Wheels is a place where your children can discover their talents and learn while having fun. It is a place to get to know themselves and others better through the development of emotional skills, skills that are more important in the future than a lot of knowledge. Here they train for the future while enjoying the present.

Begoña Ibarrola

Training Wheels is an interdisciplinary space, with active methodologies, concern for emotional well-being and inspiration to challenge your children to aspire to become the best version of themselves, both in values and in knowledge and personal initiative. An example of a pedagogical initiative of what the future will be and even a little bit more.

Ángel de la Fuente González

An up-to-date educational environment. Training Wheels is methodology, neuroscience and technology at the service of learning.

Jose Luis Navarro Salinas

Training Wheels is an illusion to educate, an appreciative, affectionate look at the miracle of educating to help children to rise, to feel free, to develop their talents, their intelligence.

Leo Farache King


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